• Marilyn Buckley, CHHC

Feeling Fatigued??? 10 Tips to Increase Energy.


1. Carbohydrates:

Carbs fuel our bodies and give us energy. When we eat a meal with carbs our body will break them down turning into sugar (glucose) and this is what provides us the fuel we need.

Yes there are good and bad carbohydrates – when we consume refined carbs it causes a blood sugar spike. This can lead to a spike and then fall of blood sugar causing us experience that sugar crash and we find that we are tired. Replace refined carbs with the good carbs and whole foods.

2. Sedentary Lifestyle:

When are energy level is low we just don’t feel like exercising but the very act of increasing our activity level can allow us to enjoy more energy – clean energy!

Start with adding 1 hour 1 day a week to start. Go for a walk or go to the gym but get up off that couch or out from behind that desk.

3. Stress:

Stress can deplete you of normal energy levels. We all encounter different types of stress and while some Is normal, increased amounts of stress can and will have a negative effect on your overall health. One must learn how to manage their stress using stress-reduction techniques. We cannot eliminate stress forever buy learning how to deal with it can literally save your life. Meditation, yoga, walking, and exercising are just a few suggestions.

4. Hydration:

There have been many studies done to show that being dehydrated can lower our energy levels and make it more

difficult to concentrate and focus. Dehydration happens naturally through our urine, stools, breathing, sweating so

it is imperative to replace the fluid loss by drinking adequate water.

5. Eliminate Energy Drinks

We can reach for some sort of energy drink anywhere at anytime!!! Some of these drinks many include:

- Caffeine

- Sugar

- Amino Acids

- Large doses of Vitamin B (although you need to be sure you’re getting

enough Vitamin B)

- Herbs

These will only provide you with a temporary and artificial burst of energy and can actually lead to rebound fatigue.

There are known health benefits to caffeine but if you are feeling tired all the time it may be best to cut it out of your daily diet at least temporarily while you address the root cause of your fatigue.

6. Not Consuming Enough Protein

Not consuming enough protein in your diet could contribute to fatigue. Including high quality protein at every meal is important to maintain your metabolism and increase your energy level.

There are many great plant based proteins to choose from. If you consume red meat make sure you are purchasing and consuming organic grass-fed beef and pork, wild caught and sustainable fish and organic pasture raised chicken.