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Colleagues Working Together

Group Coaching

Benefits of joining a Group Coaching Program:


1. Person Support System

Group coaching will give you an opportunity to share your concerns about your health needs with

others while developing deeper connections and trust with your group.  Knowing that you are not alone in your quest for better health and wellness may be just the motivation you’re lacking to address your perceived challenges.


2. Accountability

We are much more likely to stay on track when we have a “buddy” to work with.  When we are part of a group we tend to accomplish more and achieve our goals faster.


3. Group knowledge

Working as a group everyone will be able to brainstorm collectively and find opportunities you may not have realized trying to do this on your own. Hearing what the other members challenges are and learn how to apply techniques to help them move forward to success.


4. Team Success

You will have your group to celebrate your successes and their support through your journey.


5. Social 

Think of your group as a social event to look forward to.  You will develop a close camaraderie with your teammates that energize, encourage and motivate you both during the group sessions and outside of the group.


6. New Perspectives

When we try to do this alone we only see one side but working in a group setting we invite many different views, suggestions, and ideas that will empower us to create new solutions for us.


7. Great Value

This is a great opportunity to still receive the same quality coaching but at a reduced cost.  Group coaching is a smart and affordable way to receive the benefits of Health Coaching.



The Group Coaching sessions will be a 6-week program meeting once a week.

We will cover several topics depending on the group needs.


Cost of the program is:

$40.00 per person per week. ($240.00)

Must be a minimum of 4 people and everyone must commit to the entire 6-week program.


Stay tuned! 2019 schedule to be released soon!

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