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Doctor and Patient

Patient Support for Medical Practitioners

Are you a medical practitioner looking for someone to support your patients in necessary health and lifestyle changes and education? Are you in need of support for your own practice in the way of research or information? Let’s work together.


With the appropriate HIPAA documentation, I will be certain to consult with you about your patient’s progress in my care and help to tailor their needs based on their personal health goals with your concerns and needs for managing their care.


Or allow me to be an information resource to you — providing research and information that you may not have the time or resources to find, but need in order to provide the best care possible. Perhaps you’d like to schedule an informative speaking engagement for your patient base on a topic you feel they need to more guidance on. In-person or via teleclass/web-based training: these can be tailored to your practice and patients needs.


Together, your patients can get the medical attention they need and the support and guidance to make changes critical to their long-term health.


Let’s talk about how we might work together for their improved health.

Marilyn Buckley, CHHC
(p) 513.225.4479

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