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Grocery Store Tour

At first glance you may wonder, “Why would I need someone to take me on a tour of the grocery store?”


Well, let me ask you this?


Have you ever been overwhelmed with all the nutritional information and ads that seem to change daily?  Are you confused with so many options, all the items labeled “healthy” when in fact they are actually the furthest from healthy!


During the tour, I will help you navigate the aisles and decipher the nutritional labels so that you are then able to make healthy choices moving forward to improve your health and the health of your family.


The store tour will take place at Rookwood Whole Foods at 2699 Edmondson Road, 45209

The information will be applicable to wherever you normally do your grocery shopping.

$75.00 per hour

2 or more people $50.00 per hour/per person

In the Supermarket
Not sure where to start? 

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