Exercising While Sick: To Do or Not to Do?

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’ve finally gotten into an exercise routine – we’re feeling good, the momentum is building, and we’re on track with our fitness goals. But next thing we know, we come down with a cold or, even worse, the dreaded flu. Is sweating out a cold in our best interest or should we give our body a break? When you feel sick, the most important thing to do is tune in to your body and “listen” for what it needs. The body is intelligent and knows exactly what it requires for optimal health moment to moment. One way to improve your ability to listen is by considering an action that you want to take (e.g., taking a yoga class) and noticing how your body feels. For e

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Many often wonder why healthy food is more expensive. Well, if you’re a smart shopper, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re trying to improve your diet but don’t want to spend a fortune, two of the best ways to save money on food are to shop smartly and reduce your food waste. How? you ask. Check out these tips for doing both. Shop Smart 1. Have a strategy. Spending less at the store really comes down to your shopping strategy. Do you make a list? Do you shop while hungry? Making a list and knowing what you plan to buy ahead of time means you’re less likely to pick up things you don’t need and can help keep your grocery bill down. As part of your strategy, you might also consider prioritizing i

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